Fuel Monitoring System on m.v. “Heike Lehmann”.

Last month we commissioned a fuel monitoring system at Royal Bodewes Shipyards on Lehmann’s newest, m.v. “Heike Lehmann”

Here you see our colleague Bert Hoving during installation of the Torque meter on the propeller shaft. A precise job often executed in confined spaces. We measure the torque by means of a strain gage applied on the propeller shaft.

A torque meter is an important option available for our fuel & energy efficiency monitoring systems. It gives insight in the efficiency of the main engine (S.F.O.C.) and propulsion train, including propeller performance and hull fouling.

Previous we delivered a similar system to sister vessel "Ina Lehmann" , which was handed over to Lehmann in summer 2017.

Congratulations to Lehmann Shipping and Royal Bodewes Shipyards on m.v. “Heike Lehmann”.

Leaflet Torque Meters

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