Interview fleet director Wagenborg Shipping.

Recently mr Theo Klimp, fleet director at Wagenborg Shipping gave an interview to Maritiem Nederland, about smart and efficient shipping and Wagenborg’s vision on the decades to come.

Mr. Klimp explains that amongst others, real time monitoring of the fuel consumption will lead to more efficient operations;

We install monitoring systems on our ships, so that the crew on the bridge is aware what happens with the fuel consumption, but also us ashore. Based on this information, we can analyse the performance: where do we see deviations from the expectations, where can we help the crew. Not to hold the crew accountable, not at all, but to look together with that crew: How can we improve together. We are already seeing the benefits. This is going in the direction of smart shipping. "

We at Eefting Energy are proud we can make a contribution to greener, more efficient and smarter operations at Wagenborg Shipping with our fuel and energy efficiency monitoring systems.

Read the whole article here. (Dutch)
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photo: m.s. "Egbert Wagenborg" one of the vessels to be equipped with our fuel efficiency monitoring system. (photo: Wagenborg)