Eefting Energy is proud to announce that we have been asked to participate in a revolutionary new feature on motor vessels.
Based on the ancient principle of sailing on the wind, the company eConowind installed a Ventifoil system on m.v.  “Ankie”, owned by Van Dam Shipping.

These modern innovations in aerodynamics create a high propelling force and tremendous fuel saving.
In order to maximize its effectiveness we have been asked to install our Fuel Efficiency Monitoring System on board of the vessel.
With our equipment all necessary data is gathered such as: Ventifoils operation, fuel oil consumption, propeller shaft torque & power, shaft generator power, propeller pitch, RPM, speed over ground and through water, wind speed and direction, just to name a few of the options.

During the coming months various tests will be executed where our monitoring system will provide all valuable data and test reports.
We are convinced that this will result in maximum profitability for Van Dam Shipping as well as a reduction in carbondioxide emissions thus making their vessel “green”.
We would like to thank Van Dam Shipping for inviting us to take part in this highly innovative project.

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