The importance of calibrating fuel oil meters.

Fuel oil meters are the backbone of every fuel oil efficiency monitoring system. Important and costly decisions are made based on the output of the fuel efficiency monitoring systems. Hence  the fuel oil meters used are to be accurate and precise.

In general almost every measuring instrument tends to “drift” over time and this is not different for fuel oil meters used onboard ships. Therefore flow meters need to be calibrated on a regular basis. Sadly the calibration of fuel oil meters is often overlooked.

At Eefting Energy we advise to calibrate your fuel oil meters once every two years. Calibrating fuel oil meters ensures that the meter is properly measuring within the desired range. As a result you can make decisions on reliable information and your reporting will be accurate.

At our workshops we perform factory calibration services for meters with capacities up to 20m3/hr. Also we provide maintenance , repair and spare parts for various major brands.

We can assist in setting up an exchange program for your fleet.

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