Our torque meter features inductive (non-contact) power and data transfer for continuous operation. It is designed for applications that require ongoing measurement of shaft torque and/or shaft power. The equipment is custom-machined to install on shafts up to 1,300 mm in diameter. Machine disassembly is not required for installation. The microprocessor-based system features 14-bit signal processing to provide precise, reliable data in real time during actual machine operation.

Some features and benefits:

Easy installation

Rotating collar and stationary power coil are split and bolt together around the shaft. Shaft modification is not required.

Convenient calibration

Use torque meter at factory settings or utilize easy scaling and adjustment tools. No tuning required.

Reliable operation

Inductive power and data transfer with generous clearance between stationary and rotating parts.
No wear surfaces.

Digital data transmission

Delivers a clean, noise-free data signal with 14-bit resolution.

Robust construction
Sturdy hardware and electronics, built for demanding environmental conditions.

On-board intelligence

System status indicators confirm proper operation and aid in troubleshooting.


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