Swedish shipping company Erik Thun A.B. / Thun Tankers and Ferus Smit shipyards  agreed in 2017 on building 4 oil/chemical tankers from a new design.

The new design was a completely revised and updated version of the existing Ferus Smit design, that had proven herself over the years as a benchmark in the coastal tanker market. Focus for improvements were to further optimize energy efficiency and ecological footprint, with LNG as optional fuel. This resulted in the Thun Eos and sister ships.

We at Eefting Energy are proud we were selected to deliver the fuel and energy efficiency monitoring systems for these vessels. Besides the fuel gas and fuel oil consumptions of the main engine, the consumptions of the auxiliaries, propellor power, generator power and various navigational data are monitored, including MRV reporting functionalities.

Environmental features of this series of tankers:

  • Dual fuel main engine with LNG.
  • Fuel efficient hull design with eco canoe bow design.
  • Ballast water treatment.
  • Water lubricated stern tube.
  • Fitted for receiving land electricity.
  • Propeller fitted with nozzle ring for better fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced noise levels both under and over water.
  • Eefting Energy Fuel & Energy Monitoring System