“When considering the enhancement of performance monitoring systems in our managed fleet we looked primarily for simple, robust software/hardware.  The primary purpose was to give Navigating Officers real time information during voyages to enable meaningful decisions concerning energy efficiency to be made.

In addition, inclusive energy usage data and consequent fuel consumption is generated by the Eefting Energy Fuel Monitoring systems and relayed to the Manager’s office periodically for review.  The overview provided, with the larger data acquisition, allows for thorough comparisons between ships of the same class and with the fleet generally.

The Eefting-Energy system provides clear comprehensive data both on board through the bridge mounted control panel and ashore where it can easily be collated for review & reporting purposes.  This will be particularly helpful as we prepare for the upcoming EU MRV regulations and endeavor to achieve better all- round energy efficiency on our vessels”.

Stephen Knapp, Director Technical Department, EuroShip Services