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Fuel Monitoring System

Eefting Energy fuel monitoring takes effect immediately. Our interactive dashboard shows: Real time fuel oil consumption / Speed over ground and through water simultaneously / Accurate ETA calculations / Trend graphics / Modular designed systems

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The importance of Fuel Efficiency Monitoring. How does it work?

Through the monitoring of fuel consumption during every voyage, fleet owners and captains have the opportunity to reduce fuel costs and enhance overall fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the system produces valuable real time data for detecting and minimizing fuel wastage by analyzing usage patterns, thereby enabling companies to economize and boost their profitability.

Combine our Fuel Efficiency Monitoring System with Flow Meters and Torque Meters and you will be able to maximize your vessels full potential while detecting drops in performance well before maintanance becomes mandatory.

Eefting Energy has equipped more than 300 ships with fuel monitoring systems for vessels.
We deliver all necessary products for fuel efficiency monitoring and fleet performance analysis at a competitive rate.
From fuel oil flow meters and torque meters of renowned manufacturers to in house developed fuel efficiency monitoring systems and online analysis software.
We constantly seek to improve our products and services to provide you with up to date technology to stay ahead of your competition. Improve sustainable shipping with our products and expertise.

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