Increase your profit, improve your fuel efficiency & reduce emissions!

Eefting Energy is dedicated to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the international shipping industry.

Our fuel efficiency monitoring systems are good for a reduction of approximately 650 ton greenhouse gas emissions per ship per year. Based on a propulsion installation of 5.000 kW, 240 sailing days per year, our products yield savings on fuel oil consumption of 200 tons annually per ship. With average price levels of bunker fuel this equals around $ 125,000: Hence, payback time is a couple of months.

We do this by:

  • Increasing awareness of ship crews, operators and managers on fuel efficiency
  • Teaching them how to improve this by providing the right tools to take necessary measures
  • Analyzing the outcome of these measures

For the shipping industry, we design, supply and install:

  • Fuel efficiency monitoring & display systems
  • Accompanied by sensors and hardware
  • PLUS automated online monitoring, reporting and performance analysis

This way our clients:

  • Increase their profit
  • Improve their fuel efficiency
  • Reduce emissions
  • Comply with MRV- and IMO-regulations

Eefting Energy has equipped more than 300 ships with fuel efficiency monitoring systems since the launch of our products in 2012.

Our products have proven themselves to be valuable and perform to full client satisfaction. Our online analyzing software package was successfully launched in January 2016 and is very rewarding to our clients as well.

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Eefting Team Harm & Bert - Eefting Energy

Harm Eefting

Founder and managing director

Bert Hoving

Co-owner & operations manager

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