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Products Intro

Eefting Energy

We deliver all necessary products for marine fuel oil efficiency monitoring and fleet performance analysis at a competitive rate. From marine fuel oil meters and shaft torque meters of renowned manufacturers to in house developed marine fuel oil efficiency monitoring systems and online analysis software. We constantly seek to improve our products and services to provide you with up to date technology to stay ahead of your competition. Various Leaflets can be downloaded here.

Fuel Efficiency Monitoring System

Our fuel oil (and/or gas) efficiency monitoring systems measure besides the fuel consumption, the various KPI’s that make up and influence your ships efficiency. The data is processed through a…


Online Efficiency Analysis & Reports

Eefting Energy has developed a powerful online analysis tool. Data is automatically send ashore via e-mail. The information, reports and analysis tools can be accessed with any electronic device with…


Torque Meters

Our torque meter features inductive (non-contact) power and data transfer for continuous operation. It is designed for applications that require ongoing measurement of shaft torque and/or shaft power. The equipment…


Volume Flow Meters

Our volume flow meters are designed for use with light - as well as heavy -fuel oils, and offer exceptional accuracy. The rotary-piston movement in our volume flow meter is…


Mass Flow Meters

Where higher accuracies are required combined with high flow rates we advise mass flow meters. As the mass flow meters have no moving parts they are also highly suitable for…


Fuel Oil Consumption Panel Meters

The product group fuel oil consumption / totalizer computers offers an extensive solution from basic totalizers up to powerful flow computers, with rate monitoring, signal transmission, alarm and pulse outputs…